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The Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour

The Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour is a weekly hour-long podcast consisting of improvisation-based music based around the songs and visionary lyrics and music of Mariam Massaro.  Joined by pianist and producer/engineer Bob Sherwood and percussionist Craig Harris as the Gaea Star Band, the weekly music series also includes guest artists and performers showcasing their own work as well as joining the Gaea Star Band in performances that are simultaneously compelling and deeply relaxing. The Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour invites the listener on a journey of great depth to peace, to tranquility, to meditation, while delighting and surprising the senses with tight-rope performances that skirt the edge.

     The Gaea Star Crystal Radio Hour is presented weekly on the Dreamvisions7 Radio Network online at on Thursdays and Fridays at 11 am and 11 pm.  The show also streams and is downloadeable at  It can also be heard as a podcast at iTunes and streamed on YouTube as well as many other websites, including those below:

Mariam Massaro
Bob Sherwood
Craig Harris
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