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Books By Mariam Massaro


Blessed By Light-Filled Love, The Celestial Teachings of Ashento, by Mariam Massaro, is a compelling autobiography of her awakening as a spiritual medicine healer and creatress of the arts. Mariam meets her twin flame, Ashento while on a vision quest. he is an ascended spiritual master who has remained united in love with her for eons. Ashento's teachings are heard by Mariam as a gentle voice while awake or dreaming. He is dedicated to guiding humanity though this powerful time of great change and awakening on Earth. This is fascinating story of Mariam utilizing spiritual inspiration to manifest an uplifting radiant life as an open, expressive, loving, happy and fulfilled way-shower. Blessed By Light-Filled Love guides your journey in discovering your true empowered self.

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The Gaea Star Crystal Book 2: Entering the Portal is the continuing saga of the fascinating adventure of the Rainbow Brigade lightworkers, unicorns, and royal fairies who sail at lightspeed from Star Sirius on an important mission to Gaea Star (Earth), to save her precious resources and restore harmony for humanity. The star travelers are invited to pass through the Portal Of Illusion to explore the fantastic realms of the fairies, crystals, and beneath the Earth.

     Review from Pro Merit at Fiverr, August 20, 2022


The book is well written by the author with attention to detail. The book is well punctuated with stated facts. Though the book is Sci-Fi, the book clearly explained the need why the world should be at peace. It described a world without violence, peaceful and united without violence. Though the book is yet to be complete, the author explained the plot of the book in a simple term that everyone can understand.


    The author’s diction is strong that it creates imagery in the minds of the reader. Though the book is yet to be acted, the editor will suggest that when the book is complete, it should be acted. Though the characters in the book are many, the author was able to describe each character and their personality in the book.


     It focuses on love. Spreading of love, unity, and kindness to the rest of the world. The editor marveled at how the author was able to describe things that happened in the Gaea Star as if the author was there. The love cycle and attraction in the novel between Rionarta, Liliana, Azul, Opana, Teladi, Ayalasha, Intamay, etc. is amazing.  It is a book that can be read by both adults and children. This book is full of knowledge and experiences.


     The author in the book didn’t limit the work to the star travelers, emphasis was also laid on the mermaid, elves, llamas, the use of crystals, magic, old traditions, songs, etc. Most times, the mermaids are seen as evil or witches who are out to kill and destroy. They are seen as one of the dangers of the

ocean who are out to kill and destroy. But the book gave another dimension of the mermaids. In this book, the mermaids were actually helpful in aiding the mission of the travelers in the quest to bring love and cure humanity’s problems.  The lesson taken is that the world will be a better place without bias, 

sentiment, hatred, etc.


     The author’s ability to use comic relief in the novel is really funny, referring to characters like Illanu, Zoz, and Keme. These characters were so hilarious and really entertaining throughout the book.


     The readers find it difficult to contain their laughter when it comes to these characters. The book is backed up scientifically, which means that the author carried out some research to back the book up which is seen at the end of the book (references).  Though the author listed and explained some of these characters at the end of the book. The editor will suggest that the author should have listed these characters in the beginning, this will enable the readers on what to expect before starting the book, especially the young readers.


     The book is still keeping the audience in suspense after many chapters. The readers are curious to know if the work of Slake through Zoz and Keme

will stop the star travelers from achieving their goals.


     The uniqueness of the book is that author was able to get songs that were added to the book. Interesting short songs which relate to traditions and super beliefs of the people.  The author was also able to describe the kinds of food available and the use of science and technology.


     It is a complete book with details on reality despite being a sci-fi book.  The readers can’t wait to know how the great story ends.


     Pro Merit. Fiverr


The Gaea Star Crystal, Awakening the Tribes of Light Book 1, has been rereleased in a revised new addition containing a new chapter.  Happy to say that this edition is completely self-published by my publishing company Spirits Of The Sun with an assist from Stellar Literary Press. 

The Archangels summon those sympathetic to Star Sirius for a momentous meeting, where the council chooses a gifted brigade of Lightworkers to serve on the first mission to Earth to help humanity awaken to their spiritual, powerful selves to restore harmony.


A timeless twin flame love story with Ashento, an ascended master and one of the Lightworkers is woven in, and of course the shadow forces attempt to stop the quest by infiltrating into the mission to sail to Gaea Star.

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